The Person Haruna Likes (春菜の好きな人 Haruna no suki na hito)</span> is the fifty-third chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito imagines that Haruna does have a boyfriend, but he quickly disregards his thoughts and goes to ask her. Tachibana shows up to check up on Rito, only to see that he did not ask Haruna yet. Rito wants Tachibana to ask her himself, but he talks too loud and Haruna overhears them and asks them if they have something to say to her. Tachibana slips away, leaving Rito and Haruna alone. Rito, after much hesitation, finally asks her who she likes. Haruna's response to this question is blushing and staying quiet, sending a signal to Rito that she does like someone. Haruna quickly runs away from Rito before she can answer. Haruna goes home and looks at some pictures from the past, and thinks on the question that Rito asked. She realizes that she likes Rito, and maybe even loves him. At school, Rito feels that Haruna does not want to talk to him because of his question. Tachibana comes to him and says that he has a new love, Yui. He asks Rito to ask her if she likes someone, but that plan backfires.