• Heya again Monterossa,

    Sorry for bothering you, but recently I noticed that a large amount of the To Love-Ru & Darkness full colour manga wasn't actually fully translated yet, and I was thinking about working on scanlating it myself since I already do quite a lot of scanlation and editing stuff myself, and even the FranXX manga which Yabuki is currently working on. I am however currently lacking a translator to do the full colour version, I could use the translations from the original series, though if possible I would honestly like to use more "refined" translations, if that's the correct word, and not really just use their translations without permission.

    So I remembered seeing your Fandom profile mention that you were a translator, so I was wondering if you would be interested in working on the To Love-Ru full colour manga with me, and maybe even the 3rd part that will hopefully come out in the future once Yabuki is done with FranXX.

    Please let me know if you'd be interested, 



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    • Yes, I am a professional translator. But I'm not specialized in neither English nor Japanese (still learning the latter). So I'm sorry to say that I can't do it.

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    • I think you can just ask for permission from the original TLR fan translations. They did a pretty good job and I think it's gonna be hard to re-translate and outdo what they did.

      It's gonna be easier to just use their works, and correct something like Momo's middle name and Black/Kuro.

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    • Thanks for the reply, and no problem, if I can't find anybody else I guess i'll try to get in contact with the original translators! 

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