To LOVE-Ru Darkness
TLRD V1 Cover
Japanese To LOVEる -とらぶる- ダークネス
Rōmaji To Rabu ru -toraburu- Dākunesu
Author Hasemi Saki
Illustrator Yabuki Kentarō
Volumes 18
Chapters 102
Status Completed
Published October 4, 2010 to May 1, 2017
Genre(s) Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Harem, Supernatural
Serialization Jump SQ

To LOVE-Ru Darkness was announced as a spin-off series which later on became the sequel to the first manga series in the To LOVE-Ru franchise. It is notably more mature than To LOVE-Ru; it retains its usual perverted comedy, but with more focus on its plot and more serious story and character development, and now provides much more graphic fanservice, which occasionally borders on hentai. The manga series concluded on March 4, 2017. Two bonus chapters were released in May and June issues of Jump Square. Bangaihen 23 released on April 1, 2017 and Bangaihen 24 released on May 1, 2017 but on November 4, 2017 Jump SQ released Special Bangaihen with 8 page length. The author said - It´s the end of Darkness series but not the To LOVE Ru series.


Rito remains unsuccessful and indecisive with his love for his crush, Haruna, and the alien princess, Lala. Meanwhile, Lala's little sister, Momo, also falls in love with Rito, and works on building a harem for him, in the hopes of giving herself a part of Rito's love life to include herself in. And so she enrolls in his school to secretly support all of Rito's love interests, and even attempts to find more, including recently enrolled alien assassin Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness), aka Yami. But another student, Kurosaki Mea, reveals herself to be Yami's little sister, and intends for Yami to return to being an assassin.



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Volume 7 (Chapter 25-28) Edit

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Cover that caused the complaint and subsequent review

In April 2012, a To LOVER-ru Darkness volume was reviewed by the Tokyo government after receiving a complaint about frontal and lower body nudity. The volume was suspected to contain material that broke revision 156 of the Tokyo Ordinance on the Development of Healthy Youths. The conclusion was that the volume did not break the law, however the governing council did acknowledge the existence of the nudity mentioned beforehand. No other volume of To Love Ru: Darkness has been reviewed by the council since then.

v · e · d
Volume 1
0 Prologue ~ Prologue and Activation • 1 Continue • 2 Doubt and Dish • 3 Each Speculation • 4 Exciting Squall
Volume 2
5 Uneasiness ~Peace And Anxiety~ • 6 True Smile ~The Past, Friend, Smile And~ • 7 Worry ~Those Feelings... Blind~ • 8 A Man? Woman? ~The Changing Ones~ • B1 Pollen Plan ~Dangerous Little Sister Situation~
Volume 3
9 Metamorphose ~Time For A Change~ • 10 Sisters ~The Invention Of Happiness: Lala~ • 11 True Self ~True Face In Darkness~ • 12 Bad Mood ~Bonds Of Happiness~ • B2 First Love ~First Love Before You Know It~
Volume 4
13 Adhesion ~Can't Part? Can't Let Go?~ • 14 Past ~Memories Leading To Tomorrow~ • 15 Refrain ~Warmth~ • 16 The Right Thing ~What is a Way of Life?~ • B3 Body Touch? ~Nyanderful Life~ • B4 Room ~A Maiden's Heart~
Volume 5
17 Trigger ~Intensification of Love~ • 18 Exchange ~Me and I~ • 19 Nostalgia ~Back Then, At That Place~ • 20 Uneasy ~Hearts bewilderment~ • B5 Flower ~Budding Feelings~ • B6 The Changing Heart ~Honest Feelings~
Volume 6
21 Rain ~Again, Just Like Until Now~ • 22 After a Storm Comes a Calm ~Friend~ • 23 Summer Festival ~The Beginning of The Festival~ • 24 The Door of Fate ~And From Now On~ • B7 Anxious (1) ~Is This Alright~ • B8 Anxious (2) ~Distressed Maiden and Big Brother~
Volume 7
25 New Move ~Birds of a Feather~ • 26 Uncounsciously ~Head Hazy? Heart Pounding~ • 27 Adventure ~Rito Mouse's Adventure~ • B9 Girl of Blaze Magical Kyoko ~Flame~ • 28 Infiltration ~Kyouko! In Trouble!?~ • B10 It Feels ~Teacher Who Endures~
Volume 8
29 Manservant ~Competition~ • 30 Resistance ~Even Thought I Understand~ • 31 Cleaning ~Magnificently and Beautiful~ • 32 Danger ~Danger~ • B11 Adhesion ~But No Ill Intent~ • B12 Mobile Phone ~Heart Pounding? Voice~
Volume 9
33 Appreciation ~Progressing Feelings~ • 34 When Talking ~Sisters' Love Circumstances~ • 35 Kiss ~What Lies Beyond a Kiss~ • 36 Real Intention ~Trouble Girls~ • B13 Suddenly ~Imagination and Reality~ • B14 Ghost Story ~Heart-pounding ~Voice~
Volume 10
37 True Character ~Identity Revealed~ • 38 Clinic ~Can't Become Honest~ • 39 The Begining of Darkness ~That Time~ • 40 Release of Darkness ~Release~ • B15 Moonlight ~Moonlit Angel~ • B16 Photography ~Take that awesome picture!~
Volume 11
41 Prediction is Impossible ~Out of Control Darkness~ • 42 Escape ~What you Believe~ • 43 Whose Thing is a Flance? ~Lala VS Yami~ • 44 Power and Power ~Protector and Protected~ • B17 Technique ~Door of A Maiden~ • B18 Holiday ~Cooking Flexion?~
Volume 12
45 Sister ~The Two Weapons~ • 46 The End of Darkness ~I Hate Ecchi~ • 47 Bright Future ~Thank You~ • 48 Re-starting ~Harem Plan~ • B19 Adhesion Panic ~I Knew It... She's Angry?~ • B20 Bath ~Good Bath... I Guess?~
Volume 13
49 Mother ~An Angel Too Beautiful~ • 50 Charm ~Great Mother~ • 51 Smile Baby ~Baby Panic~ • 52 Mission Date ~Slapstick Date~ • 53 Puberty ~I'll Try To Be Honest~
Volume 14
54 First accident? ~First Time...~ • 55 Worry ~A Step Forward~ • 56 Delight ~Growth of Body and Heart~ • 57 Principal ~Not a Good Day~ • B21 Washed ~Bonds of Battlefield~ • B22 Natural Face ~Time of Rest~
Volume 15
58 Story after school ~Hidden Feelings~ • 59 Enjoy myself ~Dark Matter~ • 60 Power and power ~Fleeting Battle~ • 61 Taken ~Nemesis~ • 62 The fresh world ~Everywhere together♪~
Volume 16
63 All right ~All that ends well......~ • 64 Morals ~ Who is the one disrupting the morals! • 65 New plan ~Counseling~ • 66 Inspection ~Let's Examine~ • 67 Real feelings ~Battle With True Feelings~
Volume 17
68 Idol ~An idol only for you~ • 69 One night ~Let’s sleep over!~ • 70 Request ~Target~ • 71 The reason that I fight ~The Reason to Protect~ • 72 Black and darkness ~Conveyed Feelings~
Volume 18
73 Delusion ~What Do I Do?~ • 74 After a long time ~Nemesis's Ambition~ • 75 Sudden Confession ~The Precious Words~ • 76 How will you do? ~Make a Decision!?~ 77 • Let's Meet Again Sometime ~I'm Looking Forward to Our Future~
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