A list of all Opening and Ending themes, insert songs, in the To Love-Ru series.

The character songs are listed in chronological order of discography. The list does not include non-vocal tracks, which were composed by Takashi Watanabe.

OPs and EDsEdit

To Love-RuEdit

Motto To Love-RuEdit

To Love-Ru DarknessEdit

To Love-Ru Darkness 2ndEdit

Character SongsEdit

Variety CD 1 (July 4 2008)Edit

Variety CD 2 (August 22 2008)Edit

Variety CD 3 (October 3 3008)Edit

Variety CD 4 (October 24 2008)Edit

Variety CD 5 (November 28 2008)Edit

Motto To Love-Ru Character CD Singles Edit

To Love-Ru Darkness Character Singles Edit

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Character Duets Edit

In Game SongsEdit

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