Tool and Transformation (つるっと変化 TURUtto henge) is the thirty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito, Lala, and Mikan are walking around the town, when Rito trips and wishes he had stayed home, he was afraid he might be targeted again. When Mikan asks what Yami's name was, she appears right then and there. Yami then reminds Rito that he is her target, and she is watching him at all times. Just then, Yami gives Lala a taiyaki, as a thanks, but she is too embarrassed to say thank you and runs off. Suddenly, Haruna, Risa, and Mio show up. Rito wonders why they are here, which Lala takes credit for thinking the more the merrier, which Rito is happy about. Mikan then notices Rito's interest in Haruna again. Later while skating, Mikan insists that she skate on her own, and that Rito go and skate with Haruna. Rito then wonders if Mikan noticed that he likes Haruna. Rito then goes to skate with Haruna, who falls down as soon as she gets on the ice, falling on Rito, and apologizing as both explain that it is their first time skating. While racing with Risa and Mio, Lala uses her "Almighty Tool," to make rocket boots. Lala then spins around in a circle, hitting Rito and knocking Peke off, leaving Lala laying on Rito naked in front of everyone. Just then Yami walks by, wondering the primitive enjoyment in skating. Just then, Peke is caught by Yami, and she transforms into a school swimsuit, embarrassing her. Yami then throws Peke away, where she then hits Mio. Mio is now in a flashy dress. Mio throws her at Risa, who is now wearing lingerie. A dizzy Peke then tries to land on Lala, but lands on Haruna instead, transforming into Lala's standard dress. Rito then pulls Peke off of Haruna, Peke then transforms into a naughty outfit. Haruna, horrified, slapped Rito.