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Yami using her Transformation Ability.

Transformative Weapons or Trans-Weapons, are living artificial beings that have what is known as the Transformation ability, which allows them to form and reshape almost any part of their body into a weapon. The purpose of their creation is to be ordered to kill, so they are raised to be skilled fighters and cold-hearted killers. So far there are three who are known as Transformation Weapons and they have appearances of young girls, although they can also reshape there bodies to look more adult like. They're also able to use their ability to change their clothing.

The Organization: EdenEdit

Eden is a secret organization that create these artificial beings. One of the scientists of the organization was Dr. Tearju Lunatique, who created a Transformation Weapon and with her own DNA, whom she named Eve. Tearju planned on giving Eve a happy childhood, but the organization's objective was to turn the young girls born from the projects into cold-blooded killers and living weapons for war. However, the Organization was eventually destroyed by Black, and the only two known successful Transformation Weapons were set free.

Project EveEdit

Yami Edit

Yami White Backround

After the organization fell, Eve moved on to be a cold and emotionless assassin known as Golden Darkness. She secluded herself from any emotional contact, until she was hired by Lacospo to kill Yūki Rito, but was convinced by Lala otherwise, so instead she chose to assess him, claiming that she will kill him one day and staying on Earth. By doing so, overtime she finally opens up to humanity and shows a kinder side to herself. She becomes friends with others and starts having love/hate feelings for Rito. She also becomes closer to Tearju again (though she still feels akward around her). Her friends on Earth nickname her Yami, or Yami-chan, which she accepts.

Before being set free, the scientists of the Organization placed an ability known as "Darkness" after Tearju's banishment, which she calls "the forbidden transformation". It is said by Nemesis that it caused destruction throughout the Universe and it will activate on its own regardless of Yami's relations on Earth. The Darkness transformation does activate itself during Yami's stay on planet Earth when she begins to settle herself into the life of peace, inadvertantly triggering the failsafe activation that would ensure that the universe is still in perpetual chaos. The Darkness form changes Yami's personality into a more hostile one, and amplified and expanded many of her powers.

However, having lived on Earth and becoming friends with several people, the influences from her newfound friendships left an emotional weakness in her Darkness transformation, allowing her friends to bring her back to her senses. She continues to live on Earth while continuing to come to terms with her feelings for her friends.

2nd Gen-Transformation WeaponEdit

Kurosaki Mea Edit


Some time after the fall of the Organization, in the midst of all the rubble, Mea Kurosaki awoke from suspended animation and the first thing she ever saw was destruction everywhere. While wandering around aimlessly through the place lost and confused, she met Nemesis. After their encounter, Mea greatly respected Nemesis as her master, who raised and taught her about the life of a living weapon and about how Yami is in fact her older sister. Mea does not know much about life outside of being a weapon to kill. She is quite sadistic, childish and low-educated about certain things like sex ed. She came to Earth to bring Yami back to being a cold-hearted killer again and cannot understand exactly why she stayed on Earth and became friends with humans. Mea tries to understand her sister's feelings by becoming close friends with Nana. As time goes by, Mea begins to see the world in a different light and slowly opens up to humanity like Yami.

Project NemesisEdit

Nemesis Edit

Fancy Attire

Nemesis was created from Project Nemesis, which predated both Golden Darkness and Mea. Because of the unstable nature of Nemesis' body, the project was discontinued, and it is stated by Tearju that this project was a failure, and was left frozen and abandoned. However, unknown to others, Nemesis survived the project when, in her unstable condition, she came in contact with Mea and fused herself into Mea's body, where she remained until she is stable enough to maintain her form independently.

Unlike Golden Darkness and Mea, Nemesis was not created from a person's DNA or nanotechnology, but her body is a living mass of dark matter, an energy substance abundant throughout the universe.

Somehow surviving this project, Nemesis for some reason headed to the original organization (which was destroyed at the time) and met Mea, whom she took in and taught her about fighting using her abilities and the meaning of their existence, which Nemesis proclaims that it's to kill and having no emotions which would hold them back. She came to Earth with Mea to bring Yami back to her cold-hearted old self. However she claims that Yami will return to her old self regardless of her relations on Earth when the "Darkness ability" within her activates.

After the failure of the Darkness transformation, Nemesis bides her time on Earth with no particular objective. But recently, it is revealed that Nemesis plans to destroy the current political system established by Planet Deviluke to create another galactic war, and she is currently on the run from Devilukean authority


  • A protagonist from an American TV series Generator Rex, has powers similar to the transfomation abilities (creating huge machines and/or weapons from a body part of his) because of the nano-machines in his body known as "Nanites".
  • Project Eve is named after Eve, the first woman in the world in Abrahamic religions, and Project Nemesis after the Greek goddess of vengeance, Nemesis.
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