Unexpected Ending (意外な結末 Igai na ketsumatsu) is the fifty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Mikado stands at the door of the old school-building, wondering what all of the weird noises she hears are. Yami then tries to transform and fight the monster, but it's slimy tentacle stuns her. The monster's tentacle then wraps around Lala's tail, weakening her as well. Rito then runs in with a frying pan, and tries to hit the monster. The monster whacks Rito who flies back, and Yui tells him not to be so reckless. Just then, a fish-monster, centipede-monster, a hair-monster, a vampire, a mummy, a cyclops, and a werewolf come out and tell them that they are not going to leave. Yui believes that this is all just a dream, and Haruna comes to. When Haruna sees all of the monster, she grabs Rito's sleeve, and starts hitting the monsters with him. Rito tries to calm her down, but the giant monster grabs her as well. Haruna knocks the monster out. Afterwards, Yui claims she always thought Haruna was so lady-like, Lala says she is awesome, and Yami said she did pretty well. Haruna then apologizes to Rito, who is in shock. Lala then believes that all of the monsters are ghosts. Yami tells her that they are aliens. The giant alien then explains that all of their homes were downgraded, and they came to the old school-building for shelter. Just then, Mikado walks in, knowing all of the aliens from a previous experience. Mikado then tells the aliens who Lala and Yami are. The aliens then apologize and beg for them not to kill them. Lala says that she would never, but Yami claims if they touch her she'll cut them. Mikado then takes all of the aliens to get jobs at an alien-theme park nearby. Rito explains to Yui that Mikado is an alien as well. The group laughs off that there are no ghosts in the building after all. But just then, the ghost from the earlier rises from the ground, happy that everyone found a job so that she can sleep again and thanks them. Everyone is shocked (even Lala and Mikado who never seem surprised). The ghost then introduces herself as Oshizu Murasame, a girl who died 400 years ago. Everyone screams. Meanwhile, Saki, Rin, and Aya are in the building, hiding, and wondering what all the noise is.