Villainous Valentine (凶悪バレンタイン Kyōaku BARENTAIN) is the fortieth chapter of To Love-Ru.


On his way to school, Rito contemplates how it's Valentines Day, and how he only ever gets chocolate from Mikan. Rito is then determined to get chocolate from Haruna, thinking that their relationship has improved, then brushing it off as too good to be true. Then Haruna walks towards him, revealing that she bought chocolate for Rito, but is too nervous to give it to him, and passes it off as Giri (obligatory) chocolate. The two then run into each other and walk to school together. Haruna asks where Lala is, and Rito explains that she told Rito to go on without her. Both try to think of something to say, and all Rito can think of is that it's good weather outside. At school, Kenichi then remarks how odd it is to see Rito and Haruna walking together, which Rito gets angry over. Saruyama then asks Haruna if she has chocolate in her bag by chance. Saruyama then asks if they are Honmei Chocolates (chocolates given by one to someone that they like), which embarrasses Haruna, who runs off. Rito and Saruyama then wonder who the chocolates are for. Just then, Lala shows up and offers Rito and Saruyama a chocolate, telling Rito that she is planning on giving one to everyone in the class because it is Valentines Day. Rito then notices that Lala is giving them to people, regardless of gender. Risa and Mio thank Lala for the chocolates, saying they are delicious, which makes Lala very happy. Suddenly, Risa and Mio feel strange and start to tenderly embrace each other. Suddenly the entire class starts to act very odd, embracing each other. Suddenly Ren goes up to Rito, explaining how he got Lala chocolates to make him even with Rito. Suddenly, Ren jumps at Rito, calling him wonderful. Lala then thinks everyone is enjoying themselves, while Rito notices it isn't natural. Suddenly, Risa and Mio run up to Lala telling her that they love her, and kissing her. Rito then rescues Haruna from a horde of people. Rito then finds that the chocolates are the only reason that the people are acting so strange. Meanwhile, he hides with Haruna in a utility closet. Suddenly, Haruna starts to feel hot, and moves towards Rito. Meanwhile, Lala is still being chased by Risa and Mio.