Wan-Derful Life: Part 1 (ワンダフルライフ Wandafuru Raifu") is the forty-third chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito and Lala are walking around town, when Lala notices a dog. Lala notices how the dog is somewhat aloof just like Rito. Meanwhile, after Lala tells Rito that Haruna has a dog, Rito wonders how nice it would be to be a dog, which Lala overhears. Lala brings Rito to an alleyway, and pushes Rito and the dog into her invention "Maru-Maru Change-Kun," which switches Rito's and the dog's bodies. Lala thinks Rito is a cute dog, while he demands to be changed back, which she cannot understand. Meanwhile, the dog in Rito's body runs off. Lala chases after the dog, leaving Rito behind. Meanwhile, a shop owner chases Rito away for thinking he was eating out of his garbage. Yami is in a library, where the dog in Rito's body starts to lick her just as Lala catches up. Yami believes this to be a declaration of war, and chases after Rito. Just then, Saki, Rin, and Aya are walking by. Rito suddenly jumps on Saki and starts to lick her, licking Rin and Aya as well afterwards. They then chase after Rito. A man who is eating ice cream walking down the street has his ice cream stolen, knocks a store owner's mannequin, and steals a girl's panties. Lala is baffled at what a troublesome dog he is. Suddenly, Rito in the dog's body walks through a park, beaten, tired, hungry, and lost. Suddenly, Haruna's dog Maron runs up to him. Haruna takes Rito home and gives him water, which makes Rito really happy. Haruna is then going to give Rito a bath, which terrifies him. Meanwhile, the dog in Rito's body is peeing on a pole like most dogs do, right in front of a group of girls, who call him a pervert.

Trivia Edit

  • The title of this chapter is a play on words. Wan is the Japanese sound-effect for a Dog's bark.