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Wan-Derful Life: Part 2 (ワンダフルライフ2 Wandafuru Raifu ni) is the forty-forth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Still in dog form, Rito covers in the corner of the shower, trying not to look at Haruna. However, Haruna picks him up and starts to wash him, despite Rito squirming rapidly, trying to get away. All clean, Rito has no idea to put what he just experienced into words. Haruna then steps out of the room, and Rito notices a class picture of his and Haruna's middle school class. Just then, Haruna's dog, Maron, comes in and talks to Rito, asking for his gratitude for finding him nearly-collapsed in the park. Rito is shocked that he can talk, but Maron is confused why, seeing as that Rito is a dog as well. Maron then tells Rito his name is weird, which surprises Rito that he got dissed by a dog. Maron then makes Rito his "Little Brother," and tries to get him to lick Haruna affectionately. Rito is then embarrassed when he sees Haruna's panties from below, but she picks him up. Haruna places Rito in her lap, which makes him calm and comfortable. Maron then urges Rito to lick Haruna, which he cannot do. Maron then feels the need to show Rito a demonstration. Maron then licks Haruna all over, and tells Rito that it is the one of the duties of being a dog. Maron then threatens to bite Rito if he doesn't like Haruna. Rito pounces on Haruna and starts to lick her all over, but runs off embarrassed. Rito then runs out the door when Haruna's sister comes home. Rito runs off apologizing to Haruna. Meanwhile, Lala searches for Rito. Lala has the dog in Rito's body on a leash, and suddenly Rito in the dog's body comes running up. Lala wonders were Rito was. Lala then places them in their right bodies again. Lala asks if Rito had fun being a dog. Rito says he has had enough of it, but thinks in might have been a valuable experience for him (in more than one way). Lala then remarks that she thinks the dog had fun in Rito's body. Just then Saki, Aya, and Rin show up, calling Rito a savage, and shameless. Then Yami shows up, telling Rito she wasn't planning on killing him today, but because of the humiliating act, she'll end it here. Then the rest of the townsfolk show up. They chase after Rito, while Haruna searches the town for the dog.