Welcome To The Yuuki Family! (ようこそ!結城家へ Yōkoso! Yuuki-ke e) is the fifty-forth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

Mikan explains to her friends after school that her teacher is going over to her house to meet her father,Yūki Saibai. Unfortunately, he has a lot of work to finish before the deadline, so he won't be able to make it home for the meeting. Mikan is hesitant to call her teacher because they have delayed this meeting many times before. Just then, Lala has an idea. Mikan's teacher arrives, ecstatic to get the chance to meet the author of her favorite manga. She wonders what kind of plant Celine is, and rings the doorbell. Rito then greets her, disguised as his father. Mikan expressed doubt in this plan, but Lala thinks it will work. Mikan's teacher believes that Saibai is much more youthful then she had imagined. Mikan's teacher then wonders who Lala is, and when she asks, Lala claims to be his lover. Mikan fixes the mess, by playing it off as a joke, and telling her that Lala is a relative of theirs. Mikan then urges Rito to talk. Rito is obviously nervous about pretending to be his father, and asks how Mikan is doing in school. When her teacher tells him she is doing very well, Rito slips up and says that his dad will be glad to hear that. When the teacher questions this, he quickly shakes it off as just a story. Lala then comes up with a plan to ease Rito's mind, and runs out of the room. Mikan's teacher then asks Rito to sign her manga. Rito then accidentally signs her shirt (on her chest), much to Mikan's horror. Mikan then pulls Rito out of the room, and tells him to calm down. Lala then brings Rito a drink, made from an herb from Deviluke that is meant to calm your nerves. Rito drinks it and is very calm. Rito then walks in and apologizes for his previous actions. The teacher accepts, and says that she is very happy with the signed shirt. Mikan and Lala notice that Rito is acting a bit strange. Peke then explains that the herb affects humans the same way potent alcohol would. Feeling dizzy, Rito trips, pulling down the teacher's shirt, and passing out with his head in her lap. Mikan tries to drag Rito out, but he accidentally pulls down her pants. Mikan then yells at Rito. The next day in school, Mikan's teacher (still a fan of Saibai), tells her to hang in there, despite her troublesome family.