Wild Youngster (暴走小僧 Bōsō kosō) is the forty-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.


Zastin meets Lala on the school's roof with something very urgent to tell her. After school, Rito is very tired, and wonders were Lala is. Just then, he notices Saki talking to a little kid. The kid asks Saki to pick him up, calling her pretty, which makes her blush. Suddenly, the kid starts grabbing Saki's chest, and lifting up Rin and Aya's skirts. Rito watches in horror. The kid then goes up to Rito, calling him "Big Brother," and asking him to help him. Saki thinks that this is all Rito's doing, and they all chase after him. Meanwhile, Haruna, Risa, and Mio talk about how Lala is an alien. Just then, the kid starts lifting up all the girls on the tennis team's skirts. Rito walks by, beaten up, wondering where the kid went. The kid then challenges Sasuga to a tennis match. Sasuga plans on loosing the serve to look like a nice guy. But when the kid serves the ball, it blows a huge crater into the tennis court. Everyone stands there shocked, even Sasuga, who fainted in place. The kid then claims that they should be thankful that he let up on his powers. The kid then starts to grab all the girls again. Rito worries that Haruna might go on the court and the kid will jump on her. Just then, the kid notice Haruna. But quickly, Rito grabs Haruna and starts to run with her. Rito takes her to the roof, where Lala and Zastin are. Suddenly, the kid shows up right behind Rito. It turns out that the kid is really Lala's father, Gid Lucione Deviluke.