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Yūki's house, looking from the front.

Yūki Family's House is where most of the main characters in To LOVE-Ru series live, such as Rito, the protagonist of the series.

The main part of the events of the series occurs in this house.

This house debuts in the chapter 1 and episode 1 of To Love-Ru. The house is two-storey, and possiby considered to have the third floor where Lala, Nana and Momo live.

Exterior Appearance Edit

The house is white-coloured, and has the violet-tiled roof. The door of the entrance has been sky blue, and its colour varied with the lapse in the anime.

Ground Floor Edit

This floor owns a dining room and a kitchen where it obtains access to the garden and to a bathroom which has a laundry and to a living room which the television set is found. This floor seems to own more unknown rooms which are never shown.

Kitchen and Dining Room Edit

This kitchen is where Mikan makes the meals together with Momo. Here also the inhabitants have breakfasts. It has a wooden table in the centre, a grey-coloured kitchen of sky blue grazed-tile, a metallic worktop and a lower green-coloured worktop, and has a green cupboard. This place has suffered some changes during the series.

Living Room Edit

This room is where the characters watch the television and where they stay normally when no one is doing anything. It has green armchairs a table in the centre where everyone often eats there when they have guests. There is a pink carpet under the table. It has a black-coloured television set This room is found to have various pieces of furniture. This room has suffered changes in design during the series.

Staircase Edit

In this place the staircase is found, in the left hand the room is found for receiving guests, in the right hand the entrance to the living room is found. The bath is found at the back.

Room under the Staircase Edit

Under the staircase a small room is found where Haruna and Rito has once concealed in the chapter 77 of To Love-Ru. It is one by one larger or smaller in unit metre.

Drawing Room Edit

This room has a room in the side of the staircase where Haruko Nitta is welcomed in the chapter 54 and in the episode 2 of Motto To Love-Ru, and where Yami and Rito sleep when their hands are stuck in the chapter 13 and in the episode 9 of of To Love-Ru Darkness. It is a room which is quite wide with an antique design painted with yellow colour. A table is found in the centre.

Bathroom of the Ground Floor Edit

This bathroom also has a white loundry and in the loundry, it has a washing machine, a drier a place for putting the clothes and a fence of the dirth clothes. In the part of the bath, it has a bathtub, and the colour which is painted with the pink colour. This bathroom has also suffered changes in design during the series.

First Floor Edit

Actually, all of the rooms are not known in this floor, but at least four rooms are known. A room which Rito sleeps, another which Mikan and Celine sleep, and the third one is unknown but is where Saibai and Ringo in some moment which they have to cohabit and have their own room and also in the chapter 77 of To Love-Ru, Saibai comes to house to sleep and accidentarily beat Rito who thought that he was a thief because Saibai was drunk. Also this floor has a room at the side of Rito's room which at the beginning it was Lala's laboratory but later on, her laboratory is replaced. This floor has a lavatory at the side of Mikan's room. Also it seems to have other rooms but they are not found in the interior. In one of the corridors, the teleporter which carries to Deviluke sisters' house is found.

Rito's Room Edit

In this room Rito and Lala (at the beginning of the series, but actually not) sleeps, Momo also sleeps when she goes into the room, which is almost always. This room is wide, which has a large window with blue sky curtains, where gains access to a small balcony. The colour which is painted is dark green. This room has a television set, a desk where Rito learns and a bookcase, and has a closet where Lala sleeps. At the side of Rito's bed, a window which has bluish green curtains is found. Also it has the wooden flooring. This room has suffered changes in design during the series. The closet of this room is Lala's laboratory, until the chapter 122.

Mikan's Room Edit

Mikan and Celine sleep in this room. This room is painted with sky blue colour. At the side of Mikan's bed, there is Celine's violet-coloured bed. Some photos which Mikan is taken together with Rito, Celine, Sachi and Mami are hung on the walls of this room near Mikan's bed. A heap of plush-stuffed dolls is found in this room. This room has also suffered changes in design in the series.

Lala's Room Edit

It debuts in the chapter 77, where Haruna and Lala sleeps, in this chapter it is revealed that it is Lala's room, but when her laboratory is built in Rito's closet, she decided to sleep in the closet and the closet is turned into her room.

Deviluke Sisters' Residence Edit

This floor appears since the chapter 122 of To Love-Ru, Lala creates it from her inventions of special distortion for which Lala and her sisters can live together. This floor is located above the house, at the ceiling, where this floor has a living room, which is painted with pink colour. And there is an access to the rooms of Lala, Nana and Momo, and to a bathroom and to Lala's new laboratory, but the laboratory is unknown which her room seems to be equivalent to the laboratory.

Garden Edit

This garden is where Mikan dries the clothes and where Rito looks after the plants. Since the chapter 27 until the chapter 128 Celine lived in the garden, when it was a plant. During the time which Celine lived in the garden it was turned into a symbol of the house.


Yūki's FamilyEdit

  • Yūki Rito, the main protagonist.
  • Yūki Mikan, Rito's little sister.
  • Yūki Saibai, Rito's father. Rarely visit home due to his work as a mangaka and work deadline.
  • Yūki Ringo, Rito's mother and Saibai's wife. Like her husband, she rarely visits home due to her work as a fashion designer.


  • Lala Satalin Deviluke, the eldest princess of planet Deviluke. She currently live in a parallel dimension inside Yūki's house with her sisters, Momo and Nana.
  • Nana Astar Deviluke, the older twin princess, Lala's little sister.
  • Momo Belia Deviluke, the younger twin princess, Lala's litte sister.
  • Celine, a child-like humanoid/plant alien. Originally she was a gift from Lala on Rito's 16th birthday, and a rare multi-story sentient sunflower.
  • Nemesis (formerly), used to live inside Rito's body.
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