Yuuki Saibai
Saibai Yuuki
Kanji 結城 才培
Rōmaji Yuuki Saibai
Planet Earth
Age 37
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gold/Brown
Personal Status
Education Unknown
Occupation Mangaka
Relatives Yuuki Ringo (Wife)
Yuuki Rito (Son)
Yuuki Mikan (Daughter)
Lala Satalin Deviluke (Daughter-In-Law)(Pending) / Future Daughter In Law
Marital Status Married
Unusual Features - Draws Really Fast
- Never Seen Without His Headband
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut Motto Episode 9

Yuuki Saibai is the father of Yuuki Rito and Yuuki Mikan, and the husband of Yuuki Ringo. He works as a mangaka and is very different compared to Rito in terms of both looks and personality. He lives in his own apartment where he does his work as a mangaka, due to living really close he appears slightly more often in the series than his wife does. Saibai is known to possess great skills as a manga artist, one of his most notable skill is that he can draw at an amazing speed.


Saibai has gold/brown eyes and slightly long and messy black hair, he seems to have big eyebrows. He is always seen wearing a dark blue shirt and a red headband that says "big haul".


Saibai can be utterly serious and determined in doing his manga drawings especially before deadlines are met, but seems to have a bit of a goofy side, such as making a joke about Rito and Lala "sleeping" together every night and punching Rito when he got drunk and mistook his son for a burglar. Like Mikan, he is very casual, even amused, with his son's relationship with an alien girl, something Rito finds perplexing about his family.

He feels that whenever he puts on his headband, his mood turns intense and his work marches right along, saying it's a case of form defining substance.


He first appeared in Chapter 11 when Rito went to his apartment to help with his manga before the due date, at the time he also brought Lala along which Saibai was aware that she was an alien from Mikan. Lala helps Saibai and his co-workers finish their work by using an unmaned invention that helps them draw faster, however his co-workers quit due to exhaustion, who Lala later replaced with Zastin, Maul and Smutts and are currently working under Saibai.

In the anime, he writes a (not-so-encouraging) letter to Rito at the end of the first season.

With the help of Lala, Saibai returns for the Christmas party, stating how much Zastin and his workers have grown since starting out.


Yuuki Rito

Rito is Saibai's only son, whom he would occasionally ask to buy manga supplies for him or assist in drawing his mangas. If he were to say no to him, then his dad would not give him his monthly allowance, showing he has a stern parental approach to him. Even though he rarely sees him, it is obvious he still cares for his son, just as any father would.

Yuuki Mikan

Saibai Mikan TLRD EP3 01

Mikan cleaning up Saibai's place.

Mikan is Saibai's only daughter, whom he also would constantly ask along with Rito to bring in manga supplies to him with a bonus of helping clean up his apartment and cook food for him and his co-workers, which he really enjoys, saying it fuels up his stamina. Although Mikan finds it quite irritating especialy when he buys Momo's innocent act.

Yuuki Ringo

His wife, whom he hardly ever sees due to her job as a fashion designer traveling around the world. But they do seem to still love and care for each other.

Lala Satalin Deviluke

Saibai seems to enjoy Lala's company and likes teasing Rito over his relationship with her, like how she sneaks into his bed naked. Lala would usualy call him "Rito Papa".

Momo Belia Deviluke

Momo would always try to make good impression around him, which seems to work, as he once mentioned that she would make a great wife. He is completely unaware of her lecherous side and is under the impression that she really is a kind and sweet young lady. Momo would occasionally call him "Father" (as in for Father-in-Law).


Zastin, along with Maul and Smutts, currently work for Saibai as manga artists (with Zastin as chief assistant) ever since his previous assistants quit due to exhaustion when they used one of Lala's inventions to help them draw fast. Zastin, Maul and Smutts seem to enjoy their jobs as manga artists more than their jobs as bodyguards.


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