Yami-Yami Fashion (ヤミヤミファッション Yami-yami FASSHON) is the sixty-first chapter of To Love-Ru.


Yami sits reading in the park, as many of students check her out. Lala then runs into Yami, while Risa and Mio hug Yami, calling her cute. Yami then jumps away, claiming that she hates to be treated like a pet. Haruna then asks what Yami was reading. As it turns out, Yami has taken an interest in fashion. Rito then notices that it has some of his mom's designs. Risa and Mio then convince Yami to try on some new clothes. They all go to a clothes store, and Rito is very embarrassed because of all the underwear around. Yami then goes to change. A couple seconds later, Lala opens up the curtain, asking Yami if she is done yet. Yami then sees Rito, and punches him. Yami then tries out various outfits, until the girls settle on one. Risa then urges Rito to say something about the clothes, and Rito says it looks good on Yami, which makes her blush. Risa and Mio then insist that the clothes are a gift from them. Just then, a couple of thugs come out trying to get Yami to go with them. Rito tries to stop them, and one of them picks him up. Lala demands he put Rito down. Yami then tells the guys that she'll make them pay if they do something to Rito, because he is her target. They guys aren't scared, but all that changes after Yami shows her true powers. Yami then explains that she tore her skirt while fighting, and that her current clothes are best. Later, Risa and Mio then pull up Yami's skirt, showing that she still has panties on. Rito is nearby, and naturally Yami punches him.