To LOVE-ru Darkness
Special Chapter
A Special Bangaihen
Japanese 特別番外編
Rōmaji Tokubetsu Bangaihen
Release Date November 2017
Key Character(s) Yūki Rito
Lala Satalin Deviluke
Yūki Mikan
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 24
Multiplication ~From the Front and From Behind~ Part 2
One Shot
Rito and Sayaka's After School
~A Special Bangaihen~ is the last bangaihen chapter of the To LOVE-Ru Darkness manga series.


Lala caught a cold and Rito went to bring her thermometer, but Rito accidentally stepped on one of Lala´s invention´s and was turned into thermometer himself.


  • The last page of the Special has the words "Here we go again...". This may indicate that a sequel to To LOVE-Ru Darkness is planned.
  • However, Author Saki Hasemi stated that Darkness has ended but not To Love-Ru.
  • This special was published on November 4, 2017 in Jump SQ before it was published in print by Shueisha Jump Remix, and it was included in the first volume of Omnibus of the Darkness series.
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